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Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Old Back Porch

After the wonderfully ugly rock wall on the front porch was demo'd we worked on getting plans drawn to put out for bid to at least 3 contractors. The process took awhile as we selected a designer to work with and then waited for the the final plans to be settled as we worked through changes. In the meantime there was still other demo work that needed to be done.

We decided to tackle what used to be the original back porch of the house. Over the years the area had been enclosed and a wall was installed to make it the area into 2 rooms.  You can see from the images that the wall between the 2 rooms was pretty solid as it has pine boards running on both sides of the wall.  After 2 days of demo work the room opened up to a nice open space. At this point we have several ideas for the space but will decided further down the road.

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