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Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Floors Get A Second Chance!

Before we purchased the house we made sure that the floors that were underneath the nasty old carpeting, paint and linoleum were in good shape.  We discovered that the original flooring was tongue and groove long leaf pine.  Except for some rot we found along in some areas of the house, especially around the old bathroom, the flooring was in decent shape. Nothing that a good sanding could not take care of in restoring the flooring back to life!
Floors before refinishing

Sanding off the old glue!

Looking Good!

Living room floor.

Dining room floor

Finished floor with poly coat.
The entire sanding and finishing of the floors took about 10 days. What slowed the process down was that in some of the rooms the old glue used to tack down the linoleum was especially difficult to remove. Repairs to rotten pieces were also made during this time as well shoring up soft spots in the floor. We decided not to stain the floors instead we opted to put down 2 and 3 coats of clear poly urethane to bring out the grain of the wood.  You can see by the images how the floors eventually turned out....not bad for being under cover for who knows how long!

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