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Friday, January 25, 2013

The Roof

Metal Roof

Sanding and Cleaning Progress
Primer coat
Although we technically completed the overall restoration project a few months ago we and because we still own the house we decided to give the roof a paint job.  The roof is a standing seam possibly made of galvanized tin. The fact of the matter is that we really do not know how long the metal roof has been in place.  Our closest guess is that the roof is at least 75 years old and could possibly be the original roof covering that was installed when the house was built around 1912.  We were pleasantly surprised at the relatively good condition the roof was in when we first bought the house.  We did find some small leaks that were easily patched up and the entire surface is pockmarked with old hail damage but the integrity of the metal covering is not compromised.  The biggest issue is rust. So we decided to give the old gal a roof paint job.
After some research and speaking with local contractors we settled an a three step approach.The first step involved removing cleaning the as much of rust off the metal. Because of the age of the roof we decided to do this slowing with wire brushes and hand held power sander. As you can image this is a slow process but worth the effort. The second step involved brushing on a good coat of primer designed to stop the oxidation process.  The last step will be to paint on a coat of metallic colored paint to give a metallic look of a new metal roof. As you can see from the picture the paint job is still a work in progress. Stay tuned....more to come later!


  1. Wow! A 75-year-old roof! Yeah, a paint job for rust issues will do, and it’s always good to clean the roof first before painting it. Cleaning doesn’t need to be rushed though. Respect it; it’s a very old roof. :) It’s looking fabulous so far. Keep up the good work!

    Son Lakhani

    1. Son: Thanks for the comments and words of encouragement!