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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Another Old House


My wife and I are surely nuts! A couple of weeks ago we became the proud owners of another old house in need of desperate restoration. This is the third house we've bought in the last 3 years in our old historic neighborhood of Dignowity Hill on the near Eastside of San Antonio, Texas. In 2006 we bought and restored a house that was built in 1909. We moved into the house in 2007 after a year long restoration. We named her Rose and she's a beauty!

"Little Louie"

Then in July of 2010 we bought a small cottage on a foreclosure sale. The house was built in 1912 and was originally servants quarters for a grand old house that no longer exists. We named this house "Little Louie". Fortunately, the house did not need major restoration and the project took about 7 months to complete. We sold "Little Louie" in February 2011.

"Another Old House"

So after waiting a respectable amount of time between projects, we've set our sights on another old house. Ok, it doesn't look like much but through our research we found out that the house was built around 1912. At one time it had 2 porches, front and back. Someone had the bright idea of enclosing the front porch with rock walls......pretty ugly! The interior of the house, well, let's just say that it needs a lot of help!
Over the next year or so I'll be chronicling our adventure with yet another old house as well as sharing restoration stories from our neighborhood. Stay Tuned!

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  1. im glad i found this blog. We also live in the area and are looking to fix up our home.