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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Demolition Day!

Living Room-Before Demo
Living Room-After Demo

Dining Room-Before Demo
Dining Room-After Demo

Ok, so after getting 3 bids for the interior tear out and the demo for the exterior of the house we decided that we could do the demo work ourselves and save about $5k in demo costs.  How hard can it be to tear down sheet rock, remove old molding, remove old doors, take up old carpeting and take down tacky drop ceilings? Well, it's actually a little harder than you might think even though it requires relatively little skill. If you decide to do the demo yourself invest in a a good pry bar, sledge hammer, a reciprocating saw, some good gloves and make sure you use a good respirator mask. You'll be amazed at the amount of dust and other nasty particles that become airborne when you do a tear out!  Be safety conscious at all times. Be careful of electrical wires. It's a good idea to cut off power if you're working near or around live electrical outlets. After we took down the drop ceilings we discovered 12 foot ceilings!  We also uncovered beautiful long leaf pine flooring underneath the carpet and vinyl. In some rooms we found where doors had been removed and walled over! It took about 5 days to do the interior demo and to be honest, it was a lot fun despite the hard work.  Now the next step is to remove all the demolition debris and dispose it properly.

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