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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Moving Quickly Along

After 3 days of working on demolishing the old driveway and clearing the debris, the plumbers dug a trench to the main sewer connection. At same time that the plumbers were working on the sewer line connection work was progressing on repairing the front porch. The headers had to be replaced as well as replacing some rotten joists in the porch roof.

If you're under a tight deadline like we are it really helps to have several different aspects of the project underway at the same time. So far to this point in time, a month into the project, work has moved fairly quickly.  The weather has cooperated, no rain so far to delay or stop work and the labor has been good so far. It can be a challenge to find skilled carpenters and other skilled labor that is reliable and dependable. So far so good, the crews working on the project are contentious and are showing up for work everyday!

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