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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Removing the Old Concrete Driveway

Ok, so we've gotten past the break in and theft of our copper wiring by making sure that security in and around the house is tighter. We'll be installing a security system in the house very soon!

In the meantime, work progresses!  This week sub contractors working the plumbing and electrical systems of the house have been almost tripping over each other as they quickly work to reinstall the wiring that was stolen and continue replacing all the existing plumbing with new pipe.

We also tackled the removal of the old drive way pad. This was necessary for 2 reasons. First the concrete on the old drive way was buckled and had become a trip hazard. Our insurance carrier was reluctant to provide coverage on the property unless we repaired the drive way. Secondly, we needed to remove the concrete pad to install a new drainage line to hook up to the city's sewer system. The line lay underneath the old concrete driveway.  The original pipe was made of terra cotta pipe which has a tendency to crack in shifting soils. We decided since we were removing the concrete and we were installing all new PVC pipe in the house that it would be prudent to upgrade to newer pipe for the hook up. The plan for the drive way is to grade it and lay crush granite instead of pouring a new concrete pad

Old driveway with buckled concrete pad.
Using a pneumatic hammer to break up concrete pad.

Hard work!

The big boy arrives!

Making quick work of the driveway demo!


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